"We are not here to add 10% to the bottom line, we are here to ensure that if there is a business interruption we can retain 98% to 100% of your customers"


Review Your Plan

Review your plan with your Business Continuity teams, C-level management, and functional managers to ensure alignment across the organization. This exercise is helpful to identify gaps or updates, train new team members, or as a part of regular onboarding.

Tabletop Exercise

Disaster Recovery Institute recommends testing your Business Continuity Plan at minimum once per year. Let our certified continuity experts facilitate a guided tabletop exercise where employees discuss their roles during an emergency and the responses to a particular emergency situation. You choose the scenario ranging from natural disasters to an active shooter response. Our team of experts have years of experience helping our clients recover from every kind of natural and man-made disaster. Let us share regulations, standards and industry best practices with your team.

QuickShip Testing

Our team will coordinate shipping, delivery, and pick up for all equipment such as servers, desktops, and monitors to your location for up to two weeks of testing. This allows your team to confirm your technology you would receive during a declaration supports your work requirements.

Operational Tests

A full operational test is the most comprehensive test and includes all team members and participants in the plan. This test involves the mobilization of personnel, and disrupts and restores operations just as an outage or disaster would. This test extends the preparedness test by including actual notification, mobilization of resources, processing of data, and utilization of backup media for restoration.

Let the certified experts here at Empower help test your continuity plans

Empower Resolutions provides all documentation needed to keep you compliant. Reach out to our resiliency experts to learn how you can make your business resilient in the face of any disruption.